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Emily Reed

Emily Reed

Emily Reed


Favourite discipline:

Years active at Greentop:
2018 – present.

In what capacity I was involved with Greentop:
I’m a student at Greentop.

Where I am/what I am doing now:
When not working my muggle job, I teach pole and hoop, and I am also Sheffield’s only acrobalance chair dance heavy metal drag king!

Favourite joke:
A man walked into a bar (it’s lockdown, so he must’ve been in Tier 2). Hanging from the ceiling were scraps of meat. The man asked the bartender what the meaning of all this was. The bartender replied that they had a little competition going on – if he could jump up and grab one of the slabs of meat in his mouth, the man would earn himself a free pint! The man replied “Sorry I’ll pass, the steaks are too high…”

Please summarise the impact Greentop has had on your life:
Circus at Greentop has had a massive impact on my life! I sadly suffered from abuse when I was younger, and have always struggled with my bodily self-esteem, but circus has given me the tools to manage my grief and give me back my bodily autonomy. A young Emily would never have believed she could hang upside down from her toes! I believe that with each new trick I learn, I get to experience amazement and wonder at myself – which has been fantastic for my self-confidence.

Greentop has also shown me a community of marvellous people, and my favourite memories are of when we could spend time together at Thursday night skillshares! Those nights were a time where I felt I really belonged somewhere, and they are very close to my heart.

In the future I would love to give life to all the creative ideas I have swirling around in my head! I’d especially love to bring together my passions for male impersonation and aerial arts, and show people that whoever you want to be in life is valid and beautiful.