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Heather Featherstone

Heather Featherstone

Helen Featherstone

Thankfully older than I look!

Favourite discipline (if applicable):
Watching shows and rehearsals, and chairing meetings!

Years active at Greentop:
2018 – present

In what capacity I am involved with Greentop:
Chair of Trustees

Where I am/what I am doing now:
In my ‘day job’, I am Deputy Director at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Favourite joke:
Q) What do you get if you cross a dog with a bowl of jelly?
A) Collywobbles!

Summary of the impact Greentop has had on my life/my circus story:
Greentop Community Circus is a very special place where the power of participating in arts and circus comes alive, and the impact on a diverse range of individuals can been seen first hand.  This could be adults learning, keeping fit and flexible through an aerial class, or children and young people who live locally in Brightside learning new skills and realising that there is a world of possibility on their doorstep.  I believe that the arts does have the power to have a positive impact on lives, whether that is enabling people to realise potential, to broaden horizons, to create identity, a sense of belonging and sense of place, or to help people keep healthy mentally and physically.  For me, Greentop Community Circus does all of those things and it is a pleasure to be involved in Greentop’s journey.