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Rebecca Solomon

Rebecca Solomon

Rebecca Solomon

Are we basing this on how my back feels?!

Favourite discipline:
Rope is definitely my true love, but I am a bit fan of trapeze and silks.

Years active at Greentop/in which capacity:
2015 – present.  I came to Greentop as a student to the Monday and Thursday open sessions and soon just became part of the apparatus; by late 2016 I was a volunteer for youth circus and by 2017 I was a tutor. Now I tour more than I teach, but I always consider Greentop, coming back.

Where I am/what I am doing now:
I went off to do a short circus course in London back in 2018, I then started touring with circus companies around the country, and when I am back in Sheffield, I have been creating my own show, Second-Hand Child.

Favourite joke:
My career during a pandemic (too dark)? I’m more of a meme kind of person, I love a good visual.

Quote summarising the impact Greentop has had on your life:
I discovered circus and aerial at Greentop, which has led to complete change in career!

My circus story:
Circus was the life I didn’t know I wanted to have, nor the life I knew I could have. I learnt so much from the teachers here and have been able to work on my own teaching practice as a result. Even during the pandemic they have allowed space for Second-Hand Child, to continue work which has helped motivate me. There have been great highlights in my career already; getting to work with one of my closest friends on a doubles act during a pandemic, creating a show, performing around the UK, even getting to teach in Costa Rica for two months. I just hope that I can continue that when the world opens up again.