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Sadiq Ali

Sadiq Ali

Sadiq Ali


Favourite discipline:
I trained with Greentop in a range of skills but now my chosen discipline is Chinese pole.

Years at Greentop/in what capacity:
I joined Greentop for the summer intensive back in 2014(?) Maybe 2013?!? Wow time flies! Being a student for the intensive I got my first experience of what circus training would be like and the opportunity to completely change the direction my life was going in. It was there I was recommended to audition for London’s National Centre for Circus Arts and there that my journey really took off. I was a late starter in my 20’s and didn’t realise that this could be my career and my life until those few months changed everything.

Where I am now:
I am holding on tightly to live work, and creating for when we can share our stories through circus again.

Favourite joke:
Trump? That’s always a good one in Yorkshire.  Or something equally inappropriate to laugh at… because in these times we have to!

Quote summarising the imact Greentop has had on my life:
Thank you to Greentop for making this journey a reality, for showing me that I could do this as a career. I haven’t looked away since!

My circus story:
Since Greentop I’ve graduated with a BA (Hons) in circus, have toured Europe in an ensemble show with Ockhams Razor and held a residency as a cabaret soloist at incredible venues like the Café de Paris in London. It really has been an amazing journey. This year things changed for all of us. I was creating my first full-length circus theatre work, a show that explores a queer narrative within contemporary circus and with that on pause I decided to turn digital. I’ve just created a short film, and now am grateful to be able to get back into research and development for my stage show.