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Joanna Harley

Joanna Harley

Joanna Harley


Favourite discipline:
Cloud swing, if I can find the opportunity!

Years active at Greentop:
2017-2020, as a student, volunteer, and aerial tutor.

Where I am/what I am doing now:
I’m working as a Marine Biologist in Plymouth.

Favourite joke:
Probably something from Blizzard Comedy, a Safe Space for comedy, and a platform for under-represented and marginalised acts. Check them out!:  https://blizzardcomedy.co.uk

The impact Greentop has had on my life/my circus story:
At Greentop I have progressed in my various disciplines and developed as a performer. I have gained confidence in my physicality which has dramatically improved my mental and physical health. Greentop has nurtured skills in teaching that I didn’t know I was capable of and it has given me a great sense of purpose to be able to be part of the community, helping people grow their creativity, their strength and their relationship with their body and with others.

This circus has been a place where I can feel fully myself, where I feel no limitations to my creativity and physicality and where I can communicate with others in a language that we all understand. I have very fond memories of the silly antics of the kids I used to teach, the pride and excitement of students who had learnt a new move, of training and working with fellow teachers and of course performing with Troupe! I have been inspired and shaped by the amazing aerialists at Greentop and I miss being part of the community immensely! I have taken a step back from acrobatics to focus on my new job, but now I am settled I am starting to build my strength back and look forward to the new skills I will learn in the upcoming year.