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Steven Houghton

Steven Houghton

Steven Houghton

I can’t remember when I was born, as I was too young back then…!  😉

Favourite discipline:
Gymnastics, tumbling, acrobatics and flexibility.

Time/years active at Greentop:
I’ve been a student at Greentop for about 5 years now.

Where I am/what I am doing now:
By day, I’m currently working in retail.  In the evenings, I can’t wait to get back to some circus activity after lockdown!

Favourite joke:
I’ve got a good sense of humour, I can laugh about most things!  What do you call a canine magician?  A labracadabrador!

Quote summarising the impact Greentop has had on your life:
For me, Greentop gives me freedom and independence.  It’s something for me to do outside of work, I can spend my free time doing an affordable hobby that allows me to express myself.  My personality and my identity are completely bound up with being physically active.

Your circus story:
I’m a very active person – for example, I love cycling everywhere – so circus was the perfect combination of physical activity, and creativity for me.  I enjoy challenging myself and exploring the possibilities of movement.  When I’m not at the trampoline park, I’ll be at Greentop!  I previously did trapeze classes with Emily, but my favourite class is gymnastics with Kyle.  I’m really working on my flexibility at the moment, and am hoping to do a contortion course with Steph at Nova City soon.