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School Workshops

School Workshops

Circus is a really exciting way to engage young people, particularly those with different approaches to learning and has a proven impact on children’s physical literacy, self esteem and co-ordination.

We offer a range of programmes to meet your education needs for ages 5 – 18, particularly if you are an Artsmark school, both at our purpose-fitted centre or at your school;

  • Workshop packages: single workshop events in skills including tightwire, acrobatic balancing, juggling and stilt walking.
  • Bespoke circus programme: tailor made to relate to your particular topic, client group or key stage including PE and sports premium support, science, history, maths and music. We work  in partnership with Sheffield University’s National Circus Archive.
  • We can work with you over a term programme to develop a whole show.
  • After school club /parent-family activities.

“I’ve seen remarkable learning achievements and have no doubt that the trust, concentration, discipline and confidence building developed in Circus Skills really benefits other learning and the children’s aspirations” Jane Parrot, Teacher

Outcomes can include certificates of achievement levels 1-3, photo opportunities and provision of equipment for ongoing activity.
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This Is Circus – School Programme

Our This Is Circus School Programme brings a fresh take on PE classes.  The programme can be delivered entirely remotely through videos, lesson plans and circus kits supplied to the school.  Over 6 weekly classes the children at KS1 &2 will explore a whole range of circus skills and ask themselves What Is Circus? and discover how it’s great for creativity and resilience.
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