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Beth Wright

Beth Wright

Beth Wright


Favourite discipline:
My favourite disciplines are manipulation and equilibristics, more specifically juggling clubs, unicycle and diabolo.

Time/years active at Greentop:
I started attending Greentop in 2014, as my first Youth Circus closed, and left, in a fashion in 2018, to extend my study.

Where I am/what I am doing now:
I’m currently making plans to move away to explore new areas, teach and perform circus any way I can and spread the joy of circus. It’ll be sad to leave but I do plan on staying in touch. Greentop will always be a big part of my life.

Favourite joke:
A Vicar, an Imam and a rabbit walk into a blood bank to donate blood.  “Do you know what blood type you are?” asks the nurse.  “I’m not sure, but I think I’m a Type O…” says the rabbit!

Quote summarising the impact Greentop has had on your life:
Greentop encouraged me to develop the skills and stamina that helped me to be successful at Circomedia.

Your circus story:
I started circus skills when I was 7.  When I left the Greentop Youth Circus at 18, I went to Circomedia in Bristol. I achieved merits in my BTEC and distinctions in my 2 specialisms. Circus is something I’m passionate about and it has also helped me in so many ways, some examples are:  It’s helped me with my dyspraxia, hand/eye coordination, it continues to improve my self-confidence, to be myself, make friends and probably a lot more. It was great growing up and going to Greentop twice a week sometimes more, as it was  safe, fun and a friendly and comfortable environment for me to be truly myself without fear of being bullied for it, to learn skills that I’m passionate about, and have fun. I have enjoyed being a student, volunteer and even supported sessions. Over the years Greentop has aided me to get to where I am today by giving me opportunity, support and believing in me, this has given me huge confidence and self-belief, which I appreciate deeply. Even after being away for so long I still feel welcome to come and say ‘Hi’ to everyone at Greentop.  I have so many memories at Greentop and a few of my favourites are: In my aerial class I gave everyone animal nicknames, learning juggling club passing with Trudi, and being the clown in our show Circus La Loon.

My favourite quote is: “Life is a struggle if you can’t juggle”, because it’s very true – my life would be a struggle if I hadn’t learned how to juggle!