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Job Vacancies at Greentop

Job Vacancies at Greentop

New opportunities at Greentop for Lead Teacher and new role of Programme Coordinator.

Lead Teacher
We are seeking a Lead Teacher with a high level of skill in aerial disciplines and extensive teaching experience in both professional and social settings. We are seeking a talented individual who enjoys structuring quality learning activity for participant’s creative and technical progression, understands the breadth of circus as a performing art and has experience of team working and is committed to evening work. The position is central to all teaching activity. You will have the opportunity to build connections across the organisation and really shape the programme in the future.

Programme Coordinator
Greentop Community Circus Centre is looking for a highly motivated, hands-on part time Programme Coordinator to ensure provision of teachers and artists for circus participation activity and events in a range of settings from schools to community events, corporate team events and health and wellbeing settings. This is an involved and important role in a small but busy circus centre and provides an excellent career route into participatory and performing arts.

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